Basic troubleshooting guide

By | March 9, 2022

General Hardware Issues

General Software Issues

Speed ​​up A Slow Computer

  • Try restarting your computer. Many basic problems b canbe resolved quickly and easily with its help. Ctrl
  • Simultaneously press &Alt&Del on the keyboard. This should bring up a real menu, which will probably let you launch the task manager. In Task Manager, Knowright on any of the Applications tabs. Check the programs that decide to complete the task based on “No status and response”. You can confirm that if you don’t want to exit the unresponsive program, select Yes all. Do this for any program that is not responding.
  • If all else fails and you can’t turn off or someone else’s computer can’t be restarted, press and hold the power button on the device until it forcibly shuts down. Wait a few seconds and turn it back on.
  • what

  • Make sure most of the cables are securely connected to the back of the device and the monitor.
  • Make sure our dedicated power cords are plugged into a wall outlet and that the outlet is switched on.
  • Use different types of sockets or, if you use an extension cord yourself, plug the cord directly into the socket.
  • Replace the power cord with which one, as ineveryone knows it works
  • Make sure there are only a few machine-related lights on the front panel:

  • If there are indicators but no monitor, it might be a display issue.
  • If there are indicators that are scanning a, the machine is not, the problem may be in the machine. In
  • If nothing lights up, the device may have experienced a local pre-power failure.
  • For laptops, try unplugging the power cord and battery. and Press and hold the power button for about ten seconds, then reconnect the battery and cable. Press the power button, see if it turns on.
  • Make sure your computer screen is on and your monitor is on.
  • Make sure Follow is connected to your computer.
  • Make sure the power cord is properly connected to the monitor. Computers.have
  • some few vents and screens. So make sure you connect your monitor to the best. Try each one on the monitor in turn between rounds and again.
  • Most monitors have a status windowDisplay options when using them. Check if you can analyze this status window when you press the watch’s power button. You can also try all this with the menu button on the monitor, which, unfortunately, should bring up the function menu on the screen. This shows that the screen is correct, the video cable can therefore be powered by the computer or device.
  • Checked the button settings and checked the contrast levels through the menu to make sure it’s not too dark.
  • Move your mouse and the ad button on your keyboard to make sure the screensaver isn’t running or the computer is stuck in sleep/hibernation mode.
  • Remove floppy disks, any CD/DVDs, USB sticks or hard drives and try booting again.
  • If you hear screeching, clicking, or repetitive noises, shut down your computer as soon as possible, as the hard drive and drive may be stressed and you and your family may lose data.
  • Make sure the keyboard/mouse is properly connected to the back of all computers.
  • Try disabling one orboth connectors, and then reconnect to the back of the computer.connect
  • Try a USB keyboard/mouse to a different USB port.
  • Replace your keyboard/mouse with one your family knows works for you
  • If you don’t see any indicators on your keyboard when you turn on Caps Lock or Num Lock, your keyboard may be malfunctioning.
  • Make sure no dirt or lint is obstructing the prospective or laser roller at the bottom of the mouse. It could be you purely
  • If you are using a wireless keyboard/mouse, try pressing the appropriate reset button on your device to get new batteries.
  • Windows may restart automatically after displaying a blue screen as shown below. You can also request the Windows boot menu on the system. .If .that .is .so, .start .buying .Windows .in the .normal .mode .and .see if it .disappears .is .the .state .. Could this be a good one-time mistake.
  • If Windows didn’t restart automatically after the blue screen, please ask us to use the keys at the same timeCtrl Up alt and Del keys on the keyboard to restart the computer. You may need to hold down the power button on the machine to force it to turn off in order for it to turn them off. Turn it back on when you get the Windows menu on reboot, select “Start in normal mode” and see if that solves the problem.
  • Sometimes when you turn on your computer, you press the special F8 key on your keyboard until the Windows boot menu appears. Select Windows to start it in safe mode. If Windows only starts up, you can log in, start Windows and let it start as a clean system, which may solve the problem.
  • When someone turns on the computer, they continue to press the F8 key on the keyboard until the Windows production menu appears. Select Last Known Good Configuration to try Windows to paste with the last working settings.
  • Perform a system restore to an earlier working state.
  • Why is Firefox not connecting to the Internet?

    In general, make sure your internet security software packages are up to date and uninstallFirefox from the list of potentially trusted programs detected by your program, then add it to the end. For specific program controls, see Set up firewalls to allow Firefox to access your current Internet.

    System Restore is a Windows-related feature that periodically creates Snapshots of your computer. These snapshots allow you to back up Windows at an earlier point in time with the goal of basically restoring it to its pre-problem state.

  • If your company can boot Windows in the first place or from safe mode (see section above), “System” you can start System Restore by selecting “Start” -> “All Programs” -> “Accessories” -> ” System Tools.-> System Restore.A.
  • Select and date restore each point to which you want to restore Windows. You need to pick a date that’s safe before you start having dilemmas.
  • How do I troubleshoot Firefox browser?

    Restart your computer. Sometimes problems can be fixed simply by restarting your computer and then restarting Firefox.
    Clear cookies and cache.
    Restart Firefox in safe mode. You
    restart Firefox in debug mode.
    Reinstall Firefox.
    Update Firefox.
    Create a new Firefox profile.

    How do I troubleshoot Firefox?

    Consider having some fun before embarking on a fairly lengthy troubleshooting process. You can put Firefox into troubleshooting mode to briefly disable hardware acceleration, reset some, and disable settings (extensions, add-ons, then themes) that might be causing problems. For more information, see Diagnosing problems in Firefox troubleshooting troubleshooting mode.