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Sacramento County residents, including those served by Waste Management, receive one free pickup of large items (up to several cubic yards) per calendar year. Just call the at (916) 875-5555 to make an appointment. Visit for more ideas or to schedule your oversized shipment online.

Published Date: Thursday 16 May 2019

—Old sofas. wood waste. Single leg chairs. Used computers and TVs. Broken refrigerators.

Your waste package includes one bulky waste per calendar year of collection. Free pickup is available for any 8′ x 4′ hopper with a maximum load of 5 cubic yards of material – much like a new size pickup truck filled to the top of the cab. Plus, the pickups are only $25!

Services for the removal of bulky waste are provided by appointment only. To schedule a pickup, call (916) 875-5555 or fill out the online waste management and recycling form.

Wood, pipes and fittings must be no more than 10 cm in diameter and no more than 1.5 m.

Clients are strongly encouraged to have materials in place in front of their property and on the unmodified side of 24th Street well in advance of the scheduled pickup. County

The offers this unique service to help customers keep their neighborhoods and homes clean. In addition, it helps to reduce the number of illegallandfills.

Sometimes people who don’t have access to trucks or trailers unscrupulously dump unwanted items on the side of the road or in rural areas of the county for long periods of time. This causes problems and costs for tens of thousands of taxpayers every year. Horton,

Ted, Head of Waste and Recycling Operations, explains where the county disposes of nearly 23 million pounds of household waste each year through the Bulk Waste Collection Program.

Sofas, beds and wooden items are most often thrown away. “But we even make old hot tubs if you cut them in half,” said Horton.

Availability of appointments may vary. Depending on demand, the waiting time can be up to 3-4 weeks.

If you would like to dispose of your household waste or have questions about the program, please email or occasionally call support at 916-875-5555, Monday through Friday,

  • Household appliances*
  • Electronic waste (TVs and computer system monitors)*
  • Multipurpose (household batteries, fluorescent bulbs up to 4 feet, e.g. cell phone)*
  • Furniture/mattresses
  • Pipes
  • Wood
  • Grass/Tree/Shrub Sizes
    • “Please use the blue trash can as often as possible for leaves, grass, weeds and clippings. The greener you use your company’s garbage truck, the more space you have above your large bin for items that can’t fit in the truck.
  • Tires (no rims; max 5)
  • < li >Basket

  • Commercial waste
  • Dirt, rocks, bricks
  • Glass and windows
  • Concrete
  • Car batteries
  • li>Household waste
  • Hot ash
  • Heavy materials (such as bodywork, cars, etc.)
  • Hazardous waste. This includes paints, gels and chemicals. This material can be disposed of at the domestic hazardous waste collection points located at each collection station in the Northern Zone. Call (916) 875-5555 in a timely manner.

How do you get rid of dirt in Sacramento?

Available garbage disposal. 5.3 km. Waste removal and transportation.
Premature removal. 9.2 km 102 reviews.
Tractor work for weed control. 14.2 km
scrap bag 6.5 km.
Garbage External. 5.3 km.
Garbage removal and rental of garbage containers Richa. 2.2 kilometers.
Transportation of Mike’s garbage and rental of garbage containers. 8.0 km.
Fast garbage disposal. 0.3 km

Residents of what I would say an unincorporated county receiving curbside garbage collection/recycling get one payRemoval of bulky waste during the calendar year for a certain additional fee.

You can make an appointment for the program by calling our office or by completing our online program.

Application form

Call Our Office:

If you contact us, you will be informed at the end of the next available date. A service visit can be arranged by calling Customer Service at 916-875-5555; TTY (for the hard of hearing) 916-875-7105; Toll Free 1-800-932-8990 Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 4:30 pm. For more information, including acceptable/unacceptable items, sizes, stack, and selection instructions, please visit the Department of Waste and Recycling Administration’s bulk waste collection website.

Fill Out The Form:

If you submit our own form, the next available date will actually be provided by email. In the next three hours, you will receive a service record. (Note: If the information provided requiresHuman Decision, the following steps may take up to one business day before you can make an appointment with a specialist yourself). If your spam filter is enabled, the response may be filtered for your spam. In addition to your regular email, you should check your SPAM email for a reply with your appointment date.

To Change Or Cancel An Appointment:

If we need to reschedule an appointment or change our mind, please call no later than 4:30 pm on a business day, well in advance of the scheduled appointment (please do not fill out an email or leave a new voice message). If you do not reschedule, cancel, or limit your individual items, this will most likely count as your free date this year. Then your meeting for a year costs $25. For 00 the first 5 cubic meters (8 x different x 4). As of 3/1/2021, the fee is definitely $43. ​​

Two Free Meetings Per Year

Who is the garbage company for Sacramento?

Waste management offers residents and businesses a higher quality of waste collection and recycling.

All residents can schedule four (2) appointments atyear for the free collection of acceptable bulky items containing yard waste (please separate them directly from the garbage). Items may only be available for collection 24 hours prior to the scheduled date. Free garbage collection is provided from February to October. In addition to household appointments for two trash cans, all household customers can have two (2) pre-arranged appointments for the collection of household appliances and electronic waste in a good calendar year. The recycling program for household appliances and electronic waste is open all year round.

Appointments can be made by Collection Home Plan clients, including tenants of rental properties such as single-family homes, i.e. duplexes. Tenants in multi-family buildings with 5 or more units that specifically do not have regular garbage collection services provided by the City of Sacramento will need to contact their landlord, property manager, and/or advertising contractor to arrange for garbage collection from the apartment.

Please note that if diIf the tax is scheduled and not canceled before our pick up date, the customer’s account will be charged for free shipping. If a customer already has two free used pickups, they will be charged for that canceled pickup.

Paid Garbage Collection Services

What is considered household junk?

Household waste refers to any accumulation of waste containing waste paper, dust, rags, bottles, containers or other items of any kind, with the exception of garbage, invariably associated with household chores. sample 1

If you have already used the two actually available dates for the holiday season, or need to make an appointment for a specific appointment during the leaf season (November, December, or January), you can call the city’s billing service at (916) 808- . 5454. The minimum cost for a special pickup truck is $34.84.

Note: The same vehicles and sailors who pick up garbage by appointment are often used by crews during the foliage season. Paid appointments during the leaf season are very limited. Foliage collection is a priority only in November, December and January. The last day to recycle leaf piles in 2022 is February 6, 2022,

Trash pickup is scheduled to resume on February 14, 2022 due to the long leaf season.

How Much Can I Spend What About Garbage Collection?

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