Fix Runtime Error 424 (Resolved)

Runtime error 424 is an object-related error that can occur under Windows. Although Runtime Error 424 is relatively vague in its description, this means that you cannot run a particular application due to an unexpected programming error, resulting in an operational failure. This message is usually displayed when someone with Microsoft Access 2000 attempts to run the Microsoft Office Chart Wizard on the data access page. However, it can also be displayed when a user tries to insert the Microsoft Office graph on an access page if your computer is installed with Internet Explorer 6.0.

runtime error 424

Before examining the possibilities of stopping Runtime Error 424, it is important to understand the causes behind Runtime 424 in order to develop appropriate solutions to this problem.

This error has the following causes:

  • You have referenced an object property or method, but you have not specified a valid object qualifier.
  • Specify an object qualifier if you have not specified one. For example, you can omit an object qualifier if you refer to a form property of your own module, but you must explicitly specify the qualifier if you refer to the property of a standard module.
  • You have specified an object qualifier that is not recognized as an object.
  • You specified a valid object qualifier, but another part of the call contained an error.
  • You did not use the set statement when assigning an object reference.

Clean up unnecessary files on your system


Over time, your computer collects unnecessary files from normal web browsing and computer use. If this junk is not deleted occasionally, the Windows operating system may react slowly or return a 424 error, perhaps due to file conflicts or an overloaded hard disk. Cleaning these temporary files with Disk Cleanup can not only correct your 424 error, but also dramatically speed up your PC’s performance.

Reinstall the application that caused the error.

Add Remove Program

The first step to correct runtime error 424 is to first uninstall the application that continues to come with the error. Then reinstall the application so that the computer thinks it just downloaded a new version of the program.

Here’s what you need to do

  1. Click Start > Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs.
  2. Find the application that caused the error.
  3. Click “Delete” next to the application.
  4. Wait until the application is uninstalled.
  5. Restart your PC
  6. Reinstall the application
  7. Click Start and choose Run.
  8. Enter the following “regsvr32.exe comdlg32.ocx” (without brackets)

In summary, like all other computer problems, runtime error 424 can be corrected if the cause of these problems can be identified.