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By | January 29, 2022

Recently purchased a 1TB Buffalo Drivestation USB 2.0 hard drive. Error occurred while building for installation

C:\Users\Callum\Desktop\Drivenavi\ Windows\IMAGES\BASE\EN\ FINISH2.bmp CRC error.

I did the tutorial correctly and kept getting this error. I’m stuck on what do now. Any help is appreciated =)


You’re only talking about software, right? Can you access and transfer data to a specific current drive? Have you tried downloading the software again? What is the operating system of the computer on which you usually try to install software packages?


I stumbled upon this precious thread.

Today I bought a Buffalo HD-LBU2 Drivestation 2TB and when I try to run a particular DriveNavigator.exe I get a real CRC error on a Finish2 .bmp document. I’m using Windows XP with the latest updates.

I have access to the version. I can register and delete computers on it.

I want to format a 2 TB drive. Â Â



Subject: Installation Code Error (1236 Reads)

I recently purchased a 1TB Buffalo Drivestation USB 2.0 hard drive. I am getting an error during installation

I followed all the instructions correctly and got this error. I don’t know what to do now. We will be grateful for any help =)

Does it show up in Disk Management? If a problem occurs, I would try installing it on the computer’s hard drive. If not, I would try the device on another PC and see what happens. If the same happens to the PC, the CD will need to be replaced.

I’m getting this error too and need help. Even current browser files are likely to be installed. Installer keeps speeding up to finish2.bmp, CRC error.

Is it enough to talk about software? Can you access the actual boost and transfer data? Have you tried downloading the software tool again? What is the operating system of the computer you are trying toWould you like to install software?

I bought a Buffalo HD-LBU2 Drivestation 2TB today and when I try to run DriveNavigator.exe I get the same CRC error in Finish2.bmp. I’m using Windows XP with all the new updates.

I can access the disk. I could store and delete files there.Rules

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Adrian Pierre

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Buffalo Ministation 500 GB Cyclic Backup Error


Usedrunning and displaying photos
running_photorec.png (12.45 Ko) Viewed 6618 times

Testdisk cannot find partition
cannotfindpartition.png (11.16 KB) Viewed 6618 times

Running testdisk for the first time
running_testdisk.png (12.85 KiB) tested 6618 times

When connecting to my 500 GB external hard drive, I got a circular backup error - do you want to when you need to format the hard drive. I said "no" and tried various ways to save data to the hard drive, including using the EasyUS Data Recovery Wizard. He was bombed. Nothing has worked so far.
Now I try testdisk and it still doesn't work. Any help is appreciated.

1. Run Testdisk.
2.Select your hard drive
3.Select table type
4.Section: read error message
5.Then I will search immediately.
6. Say "yes" to browsing sections created in Vista or later.
7. If you get some error, scan cylinder 1/60800:00%
Read error enabled (lba=15183)

I tried Photorec 0/241/1, I made a disc, but the partition is Shown as "P Unknown". Any ideas on what could be the problem. Now it reads the sectors but says in full that it's a sector check error... and estimates it will be a few days before it starts up. We will be very grateful for any methods!

Thank you
PS. I've attached some of the more common screenshots from the testdisk and photorec build posts.


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Re: Cyclic Redundancy Error On Ministation Buffalo With 500 GB

Your message "Error reading partition" means that you cannot have a partition.
Your MBR partition and desktop may be unreadable.