How to Fix Runtime Error 216 (Solved)

Runtime error 216 is a PC error that occurs when one of the two windows does not load a program. This runtime error can also occur if you boot your PC with the Windows operating system. This also happens when you try to start a Windows or Internet Explorer program. It usually occurs when an infection by the virus “SubSeven Trojan Virus” is injected on your PC.


A runtime 216 error must be taken very seriously, as it could seriously jeopardize your personal data. Unlike other runtime errors, this can be avoided by investing in reliable security software and especially by practicing secure computing.

Having problems with runtime error 216? Here are some ideas on how to fix it.

Virus Scan


To solve this problem, run an updated antivirus program to remove the virus from your computer.

Step 1: Start your computer. If you cannot get your computer to fully load the Windows operating system, you must boot into Safe Mode.

Step 2: Turn on the computer and immediately press the F8 key on the keyboard to access the window that allows you to enter safe mode. Use the cursor or arrow keys on the keyboard to select this option in the “Last Know Good Configuration” window.

Step 3: Scan your computer with a reliable antivirus application.

Registry Cleaning with a Registry Cleaner

The registry is a database in which Windows stores all possible information and settings for your PC. Everything, from your wallpaper to your Internet favorites, is stored in this database, making it one of the most important and most used parts of Windows. Unfortunately, the registry is also the cause of many runtime errors and also contributes to Runtime error 216. You should correct this error using the current registry cleaners.


I know finding bugs on your PC is not an easy task, but you can do it using the tools listed above.

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