Infinite loop in imaplib.IMAP4_SSL when used with Gmail

I am a Python applet for a program that monitors unread results of incoming email messages at work and I encountered an EOF error when trying to use imaplib methods after the applet says something like Idle for 10 minutes. works Everything is fine until each of our applets has been active for more than… Read More »

Troubleshooting Windows Errors

I’m trying to run Docker Process Type Isolation on Windows Server 2019 (Docker Desktop doesn’t work here, some virtual servers don’t support Hyper-V). I ran this PowerShell in Les (all admin runtimes) in docker -it –isolation=process cmd.exe /c ping -t Docker: connection history error: In the default Windows daemon configuration, the Docker application… Read More »

Registry cannot load hive on startup

If owners are experiencing a Hive error in their we PC metadata, we hope the specific blog post will help you fix it. Instantly fix any problems while using your PC. The best Windows scheduling tool for you! Zoner for Free antivirus is suitable for almost anyone who wants to avoid buying an expensive program.… Read More »

Repair Tips PC Repair

It’s best to return your computer there. here, click to start this free Reimage recovery process. If you find that Windows XP uses a DOS command to restore this system, the following tutorial will help you. Restart your computer. Then press the F8 key. Enter Command Diary Prompt Safe Mode from any Windows advanced settings… Read More »

What is Runtime Broker and why does it cause high CPU usage?

runtime is actually a process that Windows can think of in the task manager that automatically appears in the background. Thus, lately, more and more Windows users may be facing the Broker high CPU usage issue that is slowly taking over their computers. Step 2. Select “Notifications and actions” and immediately “Turn off recommendations,… Read More »


A dirty volume bit of one means that the file system may still be in an inconsistent state. The Spotted beat can be set because: The online volume is full and with pending changes. Changes were made to the volume and the computer was essentially turned off before the changes were committed to the hard… Read More »

How to Fix Kernel Security Check Error in Windows

In most cases, the Power Error 41 error is currently only caused by incorrect device drivers on the real computer, especially an old or insecure sound card driver. Thus, you can also try to update all sold drivers on your computer in order to fix this problem. The causes of a kernel error or… Read More »

Learn the basics of computer networking with simple tutorials

The firewall has become a network security device that displays incoming and outgoing network traffic and decides whether certain traffic or area-specific traffic is allowed based on established security rules. Firewalls have been the first line of self-defense in network security for perhaps over 10 years. A firewall is a security device that monitors both… Read More »

Grammar: Free Online Writing Assistant

BSoDs can simply be caused by poorly written or non-functioning hardware device drivers, such as faulty memory, power issues, overheating components, or perhaps hardware operating outside of its specifications. In the 9x era, incompatible DLLs could also cause errors or BSODs in the operating system kernel. has You can find your Spotify username on… Read More »

The best way to uninstall how to repair a computer

Negative 1: Beta is well below 0 indicating another inverse relationship with the market, quite possible but highly unlikely. Some companies claiming gold and gold stocks should have a negative beta because consumers tend to feel better when the stock market falls. Many entry-level technology companies have betas greater than 1.