Repair and restore remote desktop due to protocol error

By | January 30, 2022

Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) is a protocol or technical standard for using a PC remotely. Remote desktop software can sometimes use several different protocols, including RDP, independent computing architecture (ICA), and networked network computing (VNC), but RDP is the most commonly used protocol.

The Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) is a Microsoft proprietary protocol that allows you to connect remotely to other desktop computers, typically over TCP port 3389. It provides network access to online help for a computer user through channel encryption.

From time to time there is an issue that causes the system session of a computer to disconnect with most error messages Error: “Due to a project error, this session will be terminated. Please try connecting to the isolated computer again.”

We’re getting this on one server accelerating Windows Server 2008 and connecting containing Windows 7 clients. The session itself will continue, you just disconnect and can try reconnecting. Sometimes you type for even if it throws users away.

We’re connecting from a Windows 7 consumer computer. We’ve tried connecting to a Mac with a network cord, and it works fine, so someone’s session isn’t corrupted.

The problem might be that some applications are sure to run under a session (I’m sure we won’t discuss idiocy including this one), so there’s no way to reset the main session during a person’s work day – so practical diagnostics should have minimal impact .

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How do I fix remote desktop connection error?

Windows Update.
Ant virus.
Public network diagram.
Change your firewall settings.
Check your own permissions.
Allow Remote Desktop Connections.
Reset someone’s credentials.
Check the status of all RDP services.

This problem may occur due to insufficient memory on the remote server.

  1. Go to the Impressions tab, but clear the following checkboxes:

  2. Desktop theme
  3. Visual styles
  4. Persistent bitmap caching
  5. How do I fix error code 0x112f protocol?

    This could probably be caused by a resolution conflict between the track and the RDP client, so just change the resolution in the RDP settings.
    Disable the “Use all my monitors for remote session only” option in the “Display” field in the client settings.

    Switch to Hole View tab:

  6. Set a smaller resolution
  7. Reduce color size (e.g. 15 bits)
  8. What is protocol error code 0x112f?

    This error can be caused by insufficient memory on the RDP server. After several attempts with this error, RDP managed to connect to the server when you needed it and I was able to stop the dummy service that was using too much memory. This can also be done with sysinternals or in a structured way.

    If you don’t need remote audio, also go to the “Local Resources” tab:

  9. Click “Remote audio files” -> “Settings…”, check the boxes “No playback” and “No recording”.

Not necessary if you want to change the RDP compression of someOther group policies on the remote device, just disable them.

Tested on Windows Server 2008 SP1 r2 as a utility and Windows 10 Pro as a client.

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How do I fix remote desktop connection error?

Check your Internet connection.
Check if remote connections are allowed.
Delete your remote desktop credentials.
Disable custom scaling.
Change your firewall settings.
Make changes to the registry.
Add the IP address and server name to the home file.

I had the same problem and luckily bought a solution from the forum:

… Change RDP compression when configuring a server that “balances memory and network bandwidth” (recommended) or additionally “optimized for less memory” using Group Policy.

How do you fix the remote computer disconnected the session because of an error in the licensing protocol?

The remote computer terminated the session due to an error in the standard licensing protocol. There are dozens of messages with all types of fixes for this error, and they are all pretty much the same: “Just delete the HKLM \ Software \ Microsoft \ MSLicensing registry key, then use Run as Administrator to unload Remote Desktop.

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