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VBA – Insert An Inline Image In The Body Of An Email

This can be achieved by converting a standard plain text or rich text email into a gorgeous HTML email format.

After that, we can create beautiful electronsResponsive media emails using HTML code with Email.HTMLBody.

Outlook VBA Code – Insert Image – In Email With Body

We have the HTML code and the image file is in a folder on the computer. How can we attach this article to an email?

Insert an image into the main body of an email
Place your own cursor where you want the image in your personal message. Choose Insert> Pictures. Browse specific computers or file folders on the Internet to find the image you want to insert. Select the person’s photo and click Insert.

To do this, use the Attachment.add method with similar parameters. We then refer to the image format name in the tag inside the HTML code. Will

Outlook will automatically convert its own image filename to CID (Content Identifier).

But with that encoded string, you can just Technology Slash your image to create an email using the standard HTML ingredient tag and that’s it. No deep immersion required directly in MIME or code. However, online integration does not work well with email services and is completely blocked by Microsoft Outlook.

Note. Don’t forget to link to the Microsoft Outlook Object Library

Let’s see how the Outlook or Excel VBA code is applied.

Sub Outlook_email_with_inline_image()
   'Add Manual to Microsoft Outlook Object Library
    Dim OutApp as Outlook.Application
    Dim oOutlookEmail as Outlook.MailItem

   'Create a new Outlook email item to attach one or more images.
    Set OutApp to CreateObject("Outlook.Application")
    Set oOutlookEmail = OutApp.CreateItem(0)

    'Excel current VBA to send email with embedded images'
    With oOutlookEmail
        .ss = ""
        .BCC means ""
        .Subject = New "Happy New Year"
        .BodyFormat = olFormatHTML
        .Attachments.Add "D:\ImageFile.img", olByValue, 0
        sImgName is equal to "ImageFile.img"
        .HTMLBody matches "
"Only" mentions the image filename in no uncertain terms, not a clear path 'Or use this link below. '.HTMLBody = "
" .display "Submit" or just .Show for confirmation finish with Set OutlookMail = Nothing Set OutApp to Nothing End of subtitles

How to embed picture in Outlook Mail body?

Open the file and see if the street map was exported – Siddharth Rout 8, July 17 at 11:08 am. You need to add our own image and hide it. Position two will add and hide. After you have added the image, you can use “cid: FILENAME.jpg” as shown below. @hammythepig Actually you can, but all you have to do is encode your url to handle spaces in filenames or paths.

In the attachment.add file, we add additional settings so that the appearance file does not appear as a solid attachment.

Additional Inline Images In Emails – Details

There’s a lot of debate about when using CID will be brilliant enough. Many suspect that all this does not match all the entries from email clients. But there really aren’t many options here.

With this amazing technique, we can add line art or photos, background images, emoticons, GIFs, etc.

If you’re new to sending Emails using VBA code and are familiar with basic write automation in Outlook, read this tutorial with basic VBA code.

How to add images to email body in VBA?

Sub sendEmail () Dim sendEmail As Integer Dim loopCount As Integer ‘Check send programmable e-mail lists (“ECC SNAPSHOT”) Activate sendEmail = MsgBox (“Are you ready to send a new e-mail?”

More Help: Read this article to learn more about available alternative methods.

I’m trying to insert a nice solid area from a spreadsheet as an effective image into the body of an Outlook email. It saves the image correctly, but all I see is a blank image in some kind of Outlook email body. Am I wrong here?


    tName = Trim(MAIN.Range("tEmail"))

    If Not tName Like "*@*.Then *" MsgBox "Invalid Email Address": Exit Sub

    Set OutApp = CreateObject("Outlook.Application")
    Set OutMail = OutApp.CreateItem(0)

    'Path/name of presentation file
    Fname = ThisWorkbook.Path & "\Claims.jpg"

    Set oCht = Charts.Add

    STAT.Range("A3:G26").XlScreen, copypicture xlBitmap
    from Thu
        .Bakery products
        .Export Filename:=Fname, Filtername:="JPG"
        '.To repay
    finish with

    If error, then continue
    With outgoing mail
        .To means tName
        .ss = ""
        .Subject equals n STAT.Range("C1").Value
        .HTMLBody = "

Outlook VBA Code - Inline Image - in the body of an email message We use a nozzle for this. add using only a few additional parameters. We then reference some image file name in the header of the HTML code. Outlook automatically converts the image file name to a CID (Content Identifier).

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" & _ "" .display Use ".Send" or ".Display". finish with On transition error 0 'Delete gif file "Kill Fname Set OutMail = Nothing Set OutApp = Nothing end under

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How do I insert a picture into an Outlook email using VBA?

1 answer. You need to add and hide a snapshot. Position zero adds and hides it. Once you’ve added the image, you’ll need “cid:FILENAME.

How do you insert a picture in VBA?

VBA code to resize (height and width) the inserted file. The following code sets the extent and width of the selected worksheet that is inserted into the VBA code: With ActiveSheet.Pictures.Insert(“Picture Sated Path”) .
VBA code to set the main location of the inserted image.