Registry cannot load hive on startup

By | March 4, 2022

If owners are experiencing a Hive error in their we PC metadata, we hope the specific blog post will help you fix it.

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In the Command Prompt window, type REGEDIT and press Enter to access the Registry Editor. Select HKEY_USERS-Hive, click the “File” menu and simply click “Load Hive…” “Load Parameter Hive…” will be available if you are currently in or hkey_users HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE. In this case, we select HKEY_USERS and additionally click on the “Load l” Winter option..

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  • Hello

    Local: I had problems with my husband’s computer for almost a week. I’m sorry for giving you too much marketing information, but I don’t want to. Be sure to accept what is important and what is not.

    HP Pavilion Dv9033cl
    Windows XP Media Center updates are usually the latest

    Lavasoft Adaware updated and cleaned
    Spybot is updated and plays clean
    Panda Global Protection – Updated Pair with Less Threat Cookie Let’s Talk (We’ll Talk About Adware Later)
    Panda ActiveScan 2.0 – and upgraded cleaning

    How to start with problems coming weekend:
    Before Thanksgiving, I paid and updated my contributions to Protection global panda. However, there was one 2search adware that only reported it to me. The program did not attempt to take corrective action. According to the Panda Virus Encyclopedia, forThe recommended product is Active Scan. I have this and I found that I currently need to buy it to fix the problem. So this is what I did. Long story short, it was Wednesday last week, gave me a backdoor internet connection from panda to make it work. True, the site said my username and password didn’t work. At every speed, I solved the problems he had. 2Search was not a consumer. Since then, Panda Global Protection has detected many different low-level threats when I run them at different times. I can find application in not my own notes, then another second. I think it could be Awola, but it could be my laptop.

    Problems with Internet Explorer started on Wednesday. Sometimes it started, and sometimes it crashed after the site was launched. If they closed it again and opened it ie it worked fine.

    Yesterday I thought about reformatting my computer. I created the main disks of the recovery system and wrote all the data on them. Mine used their chat last night and this item worked fine.

    I got stuck on disk 1 this morning and got the following errorReporting a get error after “F” vs format:

    Shutdown: Composite registry file error C0000218
    Registry must not load (file):
    or beehive his diary or alternative.not
    It is corrupted and not writable

    This error also occurs when I don’t have a boot disk or a system recovery disk when I type “R” to perform a restore. Maybe I tried using XP to clean up my home hard drive and got exactly the same error. I went into the bios and ran an additional diagnostic program for everything on the primary and secondary hard drives. He said “00pass” to Les twice, and I hope that’s okay.

    I’ve printed out some website revisions from MS, but I can’t do them in One at DOS Hive Prompt One or at Revision Console.

    I have an idea what to do here.

    thank you


    BC AdBot Se Connection)






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    I diagnose from each hard manufacturer’s website (for disk drives trying to format/repair/repair), everything works. A long test if a long and a short one is offered.

    Regularly creating duplicate images of your partitions/drives… with third party software… is probably the most important thing any user can do.




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  • Thank you for your reply!

    Most techies with several years of experience have probably encountered the problem of a corrupted Windows XP registry hive at some point in their careers. When you arrive home, Windows will not start and display one of the following messages: Windows XP could not start because the following files are all missing or corrupt: \WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\CONFIG\SYSTEM