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By | March 24, 2022

Safe Mode is a special mode for diagnosing the Windows operating system, including Windows 10. Actually, it is a troubleshooting tool designed to successfully solve many problems that you encounter while running the operating system, and the system can help you support most of the people who use it cannot work with the default system.

Have you ever encountered a Windows 10 PC or laptop while you were in the middle of a major project? It can be so frustrating that you might consider buying a new brewing system! Some users even overpaid for repairs.

When did you the problem on your computer? Yes, it requires some knowledge, you can easily fix some of the main problems of the Windows 10 operating system.

Only the right programs and people run in a secure way. This helps resolve some issues that may be caused by installed drivers not working properly or Windows not starting.

To work with the example, your computer freezes at startup because the person knowingly installed or installed a program, and sometimes updated it unknowingly; then safe mode can only be your savior! But how do you boot into safe mode?

Different Ways To Boot Your Windows 10 PC In Mode

How do I run Windows repair mode?

Restart all computers.
After the boot message appears, press the F8 key.
Select each option to restore your computer.
Click each “Next” button.
Select your username.your
Enter a password and click OK.
Select the “Command Prompt” option.mode,

In previous secure Windows operating systems just before Windows 10, you only had to press F8 during the PC boot phase to enter Safe Mode just before each system boots.

How do I run Windows repair mode?

Restart your current computer.
When the startup message appears, press the appropriate F8 key.
Select the “Repair your computer” option.
Click Next, Johnson.
Choose your username.
Enter your personal information and clickClick OK.
Choose a quick procedure.

In Windows 10, the F8 key no longer works because Windows starts too quickly. While you’re always lucky and can enter Safe Mode on a new Windows 10 sewing machine by pressing a button, the chances are generally not that great as buyers only have a small fraction of their time. 2D size to get it right.

Here are the different ways to start Safe Mode on your Windows 10 PC.

One Option: Start Windows 10 In Safe Mode – From Settings.

If your computer is working properly and you can log in, do the followingtotal:

  1. Click the appropriate Start icon, or currently press the Windows logo key and then Settings. Another way to access the service settings screen is to press the Windows Creative logo + the I key on any keyboard.
  2. When the settings window opens, select Update & Security.
  3. Then, on the recovery screen, select one of the options in the corresponding left pane.
  4. Click Restart Now.
  5. Your computer may restart and display the options screen. On this screen, select Troubleshoot > Advanced Options > Startup Options > Restart.
  6. Your computer will restart again.
  7. You will see a list of options. To boot into safe mode, select 4 or press F4. Start your computer in safe mode by selecting all 5 networks or by pressing F5.
  8. Your computer will now boot into safe mode. You should write the words “Safe Mode” in the corners of the screen to indicate which mode you are definitely using.

Boot Option 2: Windows 10 In Safe Mode With “eentrance Tap.

If your computer boots correctly, at the login screen you should follow the steps below to boot into safe mode.

  1. When connected to a TV, hold down the Shift key while using the mouse to select Power and then Restart.
  2. Your computer will restart to finally access the options screen. From this awesome screen, select Troubleshoot > Advanced Options > Startup Options > Restart.
  3. Your computer will restart. You will see a list of options. Start your computer in safe mode, select 4, press or maybe even F4. To start your computer in Secure Online Mode, select five different modes or press F5.
  4. Your computer will now boot into safe mode. You should keep the words “Safe Mode” in mind when you turn the corners of the screen into windows showing which mode you are still using.

Option 3: Start Windows In Safe Mode If The Computer Does Not Boot Correctly

If your computer is notIf it doesn’t load properly, there may be a problem with the operating system or drivers that are interfering with the running of the shoe. Luckily, direct booting into recovery mode is automatic.

If your computer is unable to load the required configuration more than twice, Podium will automatically load the Windows RE (Recovery) environment.

  1. On this screen, select Troubleshoot > Advanced Options > Start Options > Restart.
  2. Your computer will restart again. You will open a list of options. Start your computer in safe mode, buy 4 or press F4. To start the computer in secure network mode, select 5 or press F5.
  3. Your computer will now boot into safe mode. You should see a “Safe Mode” message in the corners of the screen to indicate which windows and mode you are using.

Option 4: Start Windows In Safe Mode 10 Via System Configuration (msconfig Tool.exe)

Using the system configuration tool can probably be the easiest method as it restarts Windows 10 in a safe way.mode without automatically going through the recovery screens.

But remember that you need to change the configuration so that the system does not always boot into safe mode.

Also, this is only possible if your home computer boots normally. Otherwise, everyone will have to use one more of the previously described methods. Do the following.

  1. Right-click the launch icon. Select Run.
  2. In the field, type msconfig, then press Enter to start the system tool configuration. Optionally, click the Start icon or the search box/Cortana icon, then start typing “msconfig” directly. You should see “System Configuration” listed. Click on it to make sure you have launched System Configuration Tool.
  3. Note. Avoid problems with other modules on your system by making no changes other than those listed below.
  4. Select the Boot tab located at the top of the System Setup window.
  5. Select the Secure Boot check box. Below we have other optionsSafe mode options such as minimally secure mode, command line secure mode, and secure network mode. Click OK. The system will prompt you to reboot.
  6. After restarting, your computer will automatically enter Safe Mode. You can tell which Windows mode you’ve always been using by the words “Safe Mode” in each of our corners of the screen. you

How do I get to repair mode in Windows 10?

Press “Top Secret” with the Windows logo + L to get to the login screen, then restart your computer by pressing Shift All, clicking “Power” > “Important restart” in the lower right corner of the screen.
you will reboot your environment into Windows Recovery (WinRE).

After troubleshooting in safe mode, you will need to change the commands to boot normally. Run the specific system configuration as the tool you launched in step 1 above. In general, select the “Normal mode and startup” tab, then click OK.

How do you fix a computer that only starts in Safe Mode?

Type Windows key + R to clear the first run dialog, then type msconfig in the box, press and press Enter. At the expense, disable autoload, boot into safe mode and reboot to confirm the test result. If it does not help, try restoring the course.

The system will quickly prompt you to reboot. After rebooting, your computer tour will restart and, of course, Windows will start.

Default Safe Mode Options

How do I get out of Windows Safe Mode?

Use the keyboard shortcut Windows + R to select Command Prompt.
Type “msconfig” and Enter, press to display the first part of the menu.
Select the Start tab.
Uncheck the “Safe Boot” checkbox if it is frequently selected.
Restart your computer.

A safe mode that starts Windows with only the drivers and channels needed to boot the operating system. If you are only having problems with Windows, you absolutely need to be able to access the Internet Or find your network, then select this option.

Safe Mode with Networking includes almost all drivers and, like programs, Human Safe Mode by default and adds the necessary network services to run. If you’re having a real driver problem and think you’ll need to download software or drivers, or think you need to find manuals online, choose this option.

How do I get to repair mode in Windows 10?

Navigate to the Windows 10 advanced boot options menu.
When your computer boots up, select Troubleshoot.
And then you have to help yourself to click “More Options”.
Click Startup Repair.
Follow step 1 from the previous method to open the Windows 10 advanced boot options menu.
Click System Restore.

How do I get out of Windows Safe Mode?

Use the Windows Key + R to bring up the Command Prompt.
Type “msconfig” and press Enter to display the menu.
Select a method on the “Boot” tab.
Uncheck “Safe Boot” if it is checked.
Restart your computer.